Different result from tutorial video

Hi guys, new to 3d modeling and blender. I’ve been following a tutorial very closely but every time I attempt to do what’s shown in the video i get a very different result even though it looks the same, however once I select the face loop it’s a different result . Here’s what’s shown in the video:

and here’s my result:

I know my shaping is a little different but I’ve checked countless times to make sure I’ve selected the same face loop and rotated the correct faces but I keep getting this result.

some additional information: in the video the guy making the tutorial (Jonathan Williamson) selects two faces and rotates them CW(clockwise?) twice to achieve two diamond shapes. In my model I only had to rotate them once CW and twice CCW to achieve the same two diamond shapes. I’ve tried rotating them twice clockwise but I get a completely different two diamond shapes (facing in the opposite direction) and a completely different face loop that’s nothing like Jonathan’s. Not sure what I’m doing wrong I’ve followed the leg extractions exactly the same (same number of extractions and edge loops) and shaped it almost the same way but in my picture I didn’t shape it as much this time I did a quick leg to try to see if I had missed something but I didn’t (at least I don’t think so). Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

another side note: the loop I get looks the same except it includes the face loops that sit on top of the selected face loop that’s in Jonathan’s video.

Any help is appreciated.