Different shader calculations regarding frame number

Hello! I am trying to make random flickering emission shader until 150th frame, and then use value from F-Curve. Main input Value has keyfames on 0th frame with value 0 and 180 on 180th frame with linear interpolation. My idea is to use two channels: one from 1D noise texture and second from value with F-Curve in upper Multiply node. This channels are multiplied by 1 or 0 regarding is Input value less 150 or not. After that I tried to use channels values sum.
But in some reason my output in first part is always a value from F-Curve input, not a random value from Noise texture. What I did wrong? Screenshot of logic is added to post. Thank you!

I think your second/upper less than node is to invert the result of the first switching detector ? Then this should be 1-x.

A simple way to make a switch by frame number
the color mix will change his slot at frame 150 in the example

I thought of this also but the problem with using a color mixer for mixing simple values is: in another app this maybe doesn’t work as expected and then the debugging makes you mad (i always hear something like: but it should work… but should isn’t does).

the noise texture ll not be the same in another app too…
For game engines like Unreal or others… there is logic gates…
and usually for this kind of automated materials, you have to rewrite it for other apps.

Yes, but that’s another task…
Ups, Text added while typing… again yes logic nodes would be nice in blender too… I was more about:
don’t make solutions based on: but it works in… :wink: