different texture on a duplicate

Hey everyone.

I seem to be having an onslaught of issues. I am faced with the simple task of duplicating an object, and applying a different texture to it. I SHIFT+d to create a duplicate (not an instance) I link a different material to each object which works fine. I add an image texture to each material and name it color. I want to load two different images for each object, but it is not possible! Despite the fact they are completely separate meshes, completely separate objects, and completely separate materials to form seemingly separate entities from one another, when i load an image into one texture, clicking on the other object results in loading that same image into the other texture (which is linked to the other material!). Its absolutely blasphemy! Am I missing something? Or is this a bug?

thanks so much everyone.

When you create new separated material based on existing one, texture remains the same.Just create new in Texture window, not in Material window.

wow I feel dumb. It didn’t even occur to me that the same texture can be linked to multiple materials. Thankyou so much jawra. Problem solved.