Different texture on opposite sides of a face

I’ve read a few other threads on this topic, but none of them seem to work for me… I have 2.49 on XP, and when I copy a mesh without moving it, and then flip the normals, and turn off doublesided… it renders with grainy black dots… I think this is because the meshes are in the same place. Is there anyway to tell blender to make the face completely invisible from the other side? I’m looking for an effect similar to the viewport texture mode. This is for a short and simple animation of a page turning, (it’s for a dvd menu) so I really just need some way for the page to have a different texture on both sides. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you would like a blend file of what I have so far


-Andrew Miller

Well, I think I’ve figured out some of my problem… I’m basically trying to make a peice of paper with different printing on each side. When I make the second plane, turn off double sided and turn on No V normal flip, it renders the backs of the faces as shadeless black. I would like them to be invisible, I think if they were invisible, I wouldn’t have a problem with the faces being on top of each other either.

So, if anyone could help me by telling me how to make the back of faces completely invisible, and not just shadeless black, that would be great… I really hope that there is a way to do that…


-Andrew Miller

check the release notes for the last couple of builds, I’m almost sure I saw something about double (different) sided UV textures.

It may help to solidify the object.


It goes somewhat that way:

Use a geometry node. The front/back output as factor for a mix node, where you mix the two UV textures, conveniently the UV coordinates are supplied from the geometry node.

Works also for backface-culling (finally a simple setup for that).

I have waited long for this, I hope there are no side effects as with the other setups.

Hmmm, I looked through, but I couldn’t find anything… Lots of cool stuff about multilayer UV textures though… but I don’t think it helps, because I’m working with two sides of the same face. Here’s a test I’m working on:


It displays correctly in the texture mode of the veiwport, but when I render it, it tries to display the back of the faces as black… then I have a black face and a colored face in the same location, and the render comes out ugly.

Wow, because I was uploading that blend, I didn’t see those last 2 posts before I posted it! Thanks, that link looks like exactly what I’m looking for! I’ll try it and see what happens!


-Andrew Miller