Different textures for two sides of a plane

I scanned both sides of a leaf and created 2048x2048 textures. Blender doesn’t support two-sided textures (maybe with nodes?) so I made a plane, duplicated it and flipped normals.

But because the textures got alpha channel, the faces are visible when viewed from both sides, which results in Z-fighting artifacts. (shows up great in UI, looks crap when rendering)

I can’t upload the blend file nor textures because they’re too big, sorry. If you absolutely must get the blend file in order to help me, I can reduce texture size to 64x64 and upload it.

Thanks for your time.

“two-sided textures” maybe not, but “two-sided UV map”, yes!
Just select the desired faces and enable the “Two Side” button in the “Texture Face” panel ( ad the copy button?).
Maybe this will work?!

I love your username, us noobs need to stick together! :wink:

I usually fix this by moving the 2nd plane a tiny bit. Just a fraction of a millimeter offset will fix the z problems.

Two-sided UV map is not a solution. I got TWO textures, top and bottom of the leaf. And the leaf is 2 planes in the same spot, and other has flipped normals.

The problem is, a face is visible from both sides. Back-face culling does not work, because the texture has alpha channel (wtf???).

So when I’m viewing the leaf from top, I see the top texture AND bottom texture, screwed with Z-fighting. I should see only the top texture because of back-face culling.

Moving the planes separate from each other does not help, because they are visible from both sides!

So how to get back-face culling work?

use nodes, make 2 different material, then use the material nodes, and use the geometry front/back output as the factor to mix them. Let me know if you need a .blend it’s really simple.