Different textures in the same object

Hello, im very newbie, sorry if what i ask is stupid
following the noob to pro manual im working in a house that i want to have a texture for the walls and another one for the roof
i think i know how to do in older versions (i working currently in beta 2.5), but in the latest version im in a mess. I think i must select two materials each one with a texture, select thedifferent parts of the building and assign to each one the proper texture, but i cannot do this right. Please help it would be appreciated. Sorry for my bad english

You might want to look at my tutorial on using different textures for parts of a mesh.

Best wishes,

Thank you your tutorial is very intuitive but i must research some more into UV maps…

I don’t think you need to worry about UV maps for this.

Create 2 seperate materials in Object mode - one for the walls, one for the roof. When creating the materials apply the necessary textures for each material too.
Next, in Edit mode change to face select mode (ctrl+Tab) and select the faces you want to have the roof material. Select the roof material and click ‘Assign’. Do the same for the faces you want to have the wall material - select, choose material, click assign.

Thanks Moosebite, in fact i guessed that it was necessary to make two different objects…

Wrong section for that question. Better post it in support section : http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=7 to have more replies.