Different Textures On Same Model

I have this model, and I can’t figure out how to get the materials right. I know I can select the faces and assign them materials, but I don’t know how to do it in this case.

I would like a material for where the red arrow is pointing, and then a different one for where the blue arrow is (which is on the reverse face).

Thank you all!

It needs a node material, mixing two material color outputs based on the geometry node front/back

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Jist add a Solidify modifier, apply it , then you will have 2 faces where before you had only one and it will look more real.

Assuming the problem is the object has no thickness, hence a single plane, “backface” shader switch does it:

EDIT Hmm, problem you will have, though, is it may apply this to ALL backfaces / frontfaces!
If it is just the top face, then as stated above, give it some thickness.


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Thanks for your response! I am having another problem though. First, to clarify, I would like the colors applied to all backfaces / frontfaces. I have added a solidify modifier, and then the node setup doesn’t work. Help!

Thank you!

If it’s not applied, you have to use the modifiers material index offset feature and create separate materials. If applied you can either apply materials to different faces manually, or if absolutely required, use multiple UV layouts where you check if face is inside the UV space for masking then add it all up in the end.

I would prefer the different face materials, with anything in common merged into a shared node group.