Different transform orientation for snapping

I’d like to move vertices along a custom transform orientation, but snap them to vertices using a different transform orientation, like in this image

but I don’t think it’s possible. Is there a work around for this?

You could look in the properties panel and see where the other vertex is (the one you drew the line from) enter the value for the vertex you are moving and they will be on the same plane. This would be the global position of the vertex that I’m talking about, mind you.

steeve, that method of extruding and snapping to a “guide” edge isn’t accurate enough, but using that add-on to make an x intersection vertex to snap to works great. The only thing is it’s a bit of a hassle if you have to do this process to lots of different areas, adding/removing guide edges as you go. It would be nice to just choose a different transform orientation for snapping, I wonder if it’d be possible to implement this in a script? I might have a go but I’m not used to the API.

ajm, this is what I’ve sometimes been doing but the properties panel only displays 3 decimal places so it’s not truly accurate.

it’s a bit of a hassle if you have to do this process to lots of different areas

agreed. in some cad environments, snapping to an edge extension is possible

a script sounds good - except you would have to really need this feature often :slight_smile:

just curious, i can see that this feature could be useful from time to time, but why would you need it so often?