Different UV measurements in Blender 2.8?

I’m working on a project that requires detailed texture positioning. I decided to move the project to 2.8 so that I would be ahead of the game. To move it, I created a Blender 2.8 file, then appended the project into it. Once I finished appending, I went to the UV editor and found the measurements quite wonky.

FYI, the measurements in the UV editor are the same no matter what unit of measurement you choose

On this topic, please discuss why the Blender developers would’ve changed the measurements, and how it will affect the users.

Also, if you know a way to switch the UV measurements back, I would really appreciate if you could share how it’s done with me please, I’m kinda at a stand-still until I know how to change the measurements back…

Hi. I haven’t spent much time in 2.8’s UV editor, but I’m guessing you want to be able to toggle vertex coords display type between pixels and normalised (0-1)?

In the UV editor, in edit mode (so you can see your unwrap), and with a vertex selected, the UV coords are displayed in the N-Panel (show with N on keyboard, or view menu->sidebar) in the Image tab, under UV Vertex panel.

Switch to the view tab. Under the Display panel, toggle the Pixel Coordinates checkbox.



Thank you so much!

So, is that a change between 2.8 and 2.79?