different uvs on different sides of a face?

Ok so i have a plane. I want one side of the plane to use a given UV while another UV for the other side. How would i do that? I believe theres a way to dublicate a face and rotate it 180 degrees in Z axis in the UV Window. But how?

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Is this such a seldom used task?

I dont really understand what you are trying to do? Can you specify it? Then ill be happy to help.

Have you read the wiki covering UVs?



A plane.
An image used as a texture.
Both sides of the plane must be textured.
But with different UVs.

I don’t have access to blender right now but if you search this forum for “uv 2 sided face” there are a mass of threads covering this.


Arh, im sorry but that is not possible!
The solution would be to place to planes very close

Too bad. And kinda weird why not. That really hits the speed in realtime engine.
So how would you do that the fast way. Say for a skirt.

Very simple, use material nodes.


I need to export that to a common 3d format and use it in a realtime program so i dont think that will work.

Does your “realtime program” support using double sided faces with different textures for each side?

Your next problem is finding an export format that can do that.

It is far simpler to have different faces for the inside and outside. You only need those inner faces that will be visible. Leave out all the rest. What you want to do is far harder for a realtime engine and way slower than adding more polys.