Different vertex radius for the skin modifier

I don’t find the answer for following problem.

To use the Skin-Modifier you change the radius of the vertices with Ctrl+A, but how do I script this?


defines the radius for all existing vertices in the mesh right?
Or is it able to define for every vertex another radius?

Thank you for help!

If you correct identation of that for loop block (as in this quote), it will set all vertices to a radius of (0.05,0.05).

It’ possible to define a different radius to each vertex… but not with that piece of code. You need to define a way to get the correct radius for each individual vertex.
For example, in a 4 vertices mesh:

radius_list = (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)
for index, v in enumerate(profile_object.data.skin_vertices[0].data):
    v.radius = (radius_list[index], radius_list[index])