Different website info on different computers?

I visited a local historical society/museum yesterday to see if they might be interested in including one of my blender prints of a historical building in their gift shop. During the conversation, the lady showed me their website and we talked at length about certain info on it. When I got back home, I looked at the same site on my computer and found that the info was very different than what I saw on the museum’s computer. The lady told me their website address and I am certain I entered the exact same address on my computer. I also called her today to verify the address.

How might it be possible for the same website to display different info on different computers?


she may have some sorta admin rights on there computers which has info only available to them, for tours etc.

I just looked at the website on my laptop and it displays correct info, desktop doesn’t. I guess that means something is going on with my desktop. Any ideas?


The lady told me on the phone today that I should be able to see the exact same info she does.


there is probably a javascript file that is detecting the browser/computer config and redirecting you based on what it finds.

Look at the source of the page you are loading. Look at the <head> section and see what .js files and .css files are being loaded. Then look at the source of those files to find out if there is redirection going on.