Different Weight Painting Issues

My Spyro the Dragon model has an armature, but whenever I weight paint some vertices to a bone, Blender randomly decides to add more vertices. I don’t see it happen, though.
ie. I weight paint the left leg to its bone, and then I switch to the tail bone and weight paint that, and then I’ll go BACK to the left leg, and it’ll still painted, only now the top of the right horn is also painted too. Weird random weight painting like that happens every time with this model. Anybody have solutions. SPYRO.blend (1.23 MB)

Also don’t hold back on any criticisms.

Hey pjcarey97, I played a bit with your dragon, and painted some weight on it and I didn’t have any problem with it.
SPYRO.blend (1.24 MB)

Maybe it’s a bug on your blender… don’t know.

It’s definitely a cute dragon… I like a lot his face!

However, I would say that you should work on making the topo better because when you are going to animate your character, you might run into some problems. One main problem is with the back of your dragon. your line of mesh should be more vertically and not starting from the tail and going under the front leg. Also for the scale on the back and neck, it would be better if it was directly on the main mesh and not on a separated mesh… I know, it’s a lot more work, but at the end your character will be so much better!

Hope that helps.