This is just a quick little thing that I made for a new desktop background. It’s my first attempt at an abstract type scene.

This is kind of on par with just rendering the default cube. I know its technically done and all but do you have to post work of this level in finished projects :frowning: .

In contrast to tyrant monkey’s technical view of your piece as “just balls” I see the depth of the artistic social statement you were, presumably, trying to make. This is the kind of piece that ‘high-brow’ art galleries meet their yearly budgets with.

I like the way the spheres all reflect each other in their conformity and we can see, and follow, the effect of that one non-conformist sphere in the reflections of the nearby spheres.
Personally I think you May have made the focal blur a little to close, but not by much. I would have liked to have seen a hint of the green spheres reflection three rows up.

All in all it is quite a nice piece. It’s simplicity does pass the viewer through the visual presentation into the under-laying philosophical complexities. BUT, the simplistic visuals also make the Absolute Demand that they be spot-on and perfect or they will stop us viewers from seeing the art they should be ‘carrying us’ toward.

Sorry if I got a little artsy-fartsy about it, I liked it. good job. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that this it’s just like rendering default cube. There’s an obvious aesthetic search… For example, the composition it’s very decent, with the green ball in a strong point of the image (I don’t know which is the english expression, I’m talking about the classic composition rules)… but every artistic search should be accompanied with some technical resources…
For example, have you realized that the green ball have the same saturation of the red ones? I can see the difference of color… but I think that isn’t enought… If you turn down saturation to 0, you just see balls with no difference. The same gray, the same reflections. Just this action destroy your image’s concept. So, probably you should increase the superficial defferences to improve the results.
Otherwise, your image have a realistic appearance, obviously you aren’t looking for a pictorial look. So, you mus increase that appearance! Improve the mirror and the DOF (you must choose what do you want to highlight with this focal blur), fake a GI, stuff like this.
You have a nice concept here, very strong… but as every simple and strong concepst, you need to work a lot to get a really “different” image…

Hope you can understand me, my english it’s not the best


I think the point Tyrant Monkey was trying to make is that this takes very little skill to set up, and he would more appreciate looking at work which is technically difficult to achieve, not something very basic like this. Many renderings of the default cube have had the same amount of time poured into them as this rendering had.

I enjoy these types of renderings (where one item is different than the rest), however it is hard to enjoy a work which, to my eyes, has had very little effort put into it. If the figure that was being duplicated was modeled by GraphiX, and not just a default sphere, then I think I would appreciate the render a lot more myself.