Difficult Problem...For me

I’ve made a character for the game engine, made a walk cycle, made it so he moved left and right accordingly and also faced the correct direction when walking. When I added the armature to the character suddenly gravity stopped working and the player won’t fall or move from the spot he starts in. The walk animation will play but he won’t move left or right or jump. If anyone can help, thank you sooooooo much, its just what i was doing to follow some tutorials but i’d still like to get things straight :wink:

There you go, it was messed up physics, its working now.

Move the Logic Bricks from Graphical Mesh Model to the new Collision Mesh.
Performance Tip: Reduce the amount of Lamps (to 1 Sun), they Kill the performance.

From outside to core of a game character, is like this:

COLLISION_MESH:invisible,with Physics—>Armature:no collision,invisible—>Graphical_mesh:no collision,Visible.

MonkeyGame.blend (600 KB)

I’m not entirely sure what you did tho, and now it wont let me play it when i press P over the viewport.

Of course it dont, as i said, you have to move the logic bricks from monkey to collision mesh.

Think that Monkey and Armature dont really exist in-game, they are only visual, but the invisible cage called collision mesh do exist.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: Soooo much