Difficult to match texture material

Hey guys,

I often find it difficult to match the material texture PBR to the pictures I find on the web. For example, this one (https://exorbitart.shop/product/pine-wood-flooring-2-scanned-pbr-texture-200x200cm/) which I bought, but the output in Blender is not near the image-examples.

Can anyone help me out here? I need it to look as close to the examples as possible.


It would be useful to show what you have in Blender (texture/material settings, lighting information, render images…).

Sounds like you need to adjust your shader to match as well as work out what lighting they are using for the product shot using their PBR texture packs. A 3 point light set up mixed with environment HDRI? Just the 3 point light setup? Did they tell you how to properly hook up the maps to your shader, etc.

I’ve just added them into principled BSDF as standard image textures (Albedo, Glossy, Bump, Normal, and Displacement). All the texture maps are included in the link. You can see the quick screenshots.

A Normal map should be used as non-color input to a Normal Map node, and it looks like

you are only using a Bump node.

It’s because I’m using both Bump and Normal at the same time, connected through the Normal input in the Bump Map node.

based on what Craig_jones said I think you have to connect the normal to the normal map node and then connect it to bump node

As stated, a Normal Map needs to go into the Normal Map Node as Non-Color Information. In my example, I downloaded a single image from pxhere.com and ran it through Normal Map Generator and then plugged them into a Principled BSDF. With even a simpler setup, my material looks better because my normal is not fighting with a bump map. Tune your bump down to just augment your Normal map, and make sure you use a Normal map node. I believe you can input the Normal Map Node into the normal of the Bump Map node, and tune each til you are satisified.

Arh, perfect! Now I understand. I’ll try that, thank you.

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