Difficulty exporting as .obj - submesh name changes

I’m editing some meshes for a game I’m modding. The game requires the submeshes to have specific names in order for them to import back into the mod maker, however I have noticed that the ObjectData name is getting added onto the end of my submesh name when exporting as .obj – if I change the ObjectData name to the same as the submesh name, the submesh doesn’t get renamed, but the game still rejects the mesh because it doesn’t like that I changed the ObjectData name.

So is there any way to tell blender not to add the ObjectData name to the end of my submesh names? Thanks.

If you’re confused, here’s pictures, this is the original name of my submesh, underlined in red:

This is the name of the ObjectData thing:

And this is what happens to the name of my submesh when I export it as .obj, create a new blender file, and import the .obj back in:
– notice that the ObjectData name has been added to the end of my submeshes original name. Simply renaming it and exporting as .obj again achieves nothing, as it just does the same thing again.

Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Nvm, changing the ObjectData name to the submesh name suddenly works now…