Difficulty loading pics

seems I’m having problems loading pics from my comp with windows 7 and explorer 9 on it. could this be a security setting issue?

mod? anyone have an answer? all my images fit the proper sizes but still nothing.

Split these posts to their own thread. In the future, please post new support requests to their own thread. They’re much easier for us to catch.

Pertaining to your question: when you say “loading”, do you mean “uploading to BlenderArtists.org”? Is there an error message? What happens (or doesn’t happen)? Sorry to ask such specific questions, but it’s difficult to diagnose problems unless you’re very specific in describing the behavior you’re experiencing.

not a problem I totally understand. I click the insert image button select my file and click open, then I’m returned to the insert image box and hit upload image and nothing else happens. also, if I try to upload the other way, it acts as if it’s uploading but doesn’t, it will sit for hours that way if you let it.

this is happening on my computers with explorer 9, one computer has vista and the other windows 7. my other computer that has XP and explorer 8 isn’t having this problem.

I don’t see anything about your account that would prevent image uploading. I do know that we recently had a hiccup with our CDN service. Could you try uploading an image again and see if it works for you now?

still same problem, on my vista with E9.

same problem on my Win 7 with E9

okay I found a way to get things posted with the E9.

I used f12 then selected explorer 8 settings and it will post. Browser mode IE8 then Document mode IE 8 Standards. if I run into snags I’ll post about it.

im having the same problem, and I dont understand how your fixed it care to explain in detail a bit more?

press F12, it will pull up developers tools, then click the browser mode and select IE8 then click the Document mode and select IE8. that should do it.

if by some chance it wants you to enter a url when uploading an image, just refresh the page and it should allow you to access the computer upload option. That’s what’s working for me, but I have to do it each time I return to the website after closing my browser. (if I want to upload that is)