Difficulty modelling in blender

Hey there artists,

I’ve got a big school project coming up, for which I’ve an idea but I’m not sure is realistic. Me and my partner are planning to recreate our school entirely in blender, it isn’t a small school either :p. Furthermore our is plan is to make it possible to “float” our the school in 1st-person, kinda like in Unreal tournament.
We both have close to none experience, expessially with blender. We learned HTML and Javascript but not very detailed, which probably won’t help a bit. Right now, we’re following the modelling tutorials of Lynda.

The question is, is this something we can do or are we in over our heads? The deadline is february.

Does your teacher know anything about Blender? If so, then this is probably possible. If not, then you might want to consider some more intermediate steps like modeling a chair or desk, then add a room to put the desk in, then expand to multiple rooms. There is a huge amount of stuff to learn if you want this to look anything close to UT level.

I can say that you will be able to spend that length of time studying Blender. It all depends on your instructor though.

I think, if your school has a lot of repeating Structures, like same Room Size and Form, it sure can be possible (Use Array and Instances). Depending a lot of how (good) it should look like (If it should look like this, what it of course “should”, that’s not realistic, let alone in the Game Engine ;-). As well on how detailed you want to go. Maybe you should do some “small” Tests with modeling a smaller Object. And maybe find some 3d video/image that shows what you’re after… And post a pic from your school would help. HTML and Javascript helps you nothing, but have a look at basic Python, which isn’t to difficult and will save you a lot of time in repeating Tasks.

tnx for the replies,

My teacher doesn’t know anything of blender, so that’s a bit of a problem. I didn’t mean the modelling quality as a comparison to UT, only the camera when you’re dead, free floating. I was already planning to do multiple tests, even if it only means to get the hang of it. It does have quite a bit of repeating elements and It doesn’t have to be really really pretty. If it were something like this, I would be super proud.
I’ll be sure to take some pictures tomorrow.

This sounds like it is setup as an independent study if the instructor does not know Blender. My experience with independent study classes is to set some goals and try to get there but to keep the teacher in the loop and expect to run into problems (aka learning opportunities). In my opinion one of the main purposes of doing these types of classes is learning how to learn about things without a knowledgeable mentor. In the end, you might not have a finished model of the school but if you didn’t get there then you should still be able to show what you learned that you didn’t even know it was there.

Deadline is February 2013? You should probably be able to learn Blender and model your school in that period of time.

Some Tutorial Links:
3DBuzz (Character modeling tutorial, but covers the UI basics pretty well)
BlenderGuru (several Architectural tutorials)

i’m willing to follow lots and lots of tutorials, because I acctually want to become a game devolper when I start my study. So effort isn’t a problem. I’m following tutorials right now and this is my first creation,


I think i’m up for the task, because I really want to :slight_smile: