Difficulty moving object after initial keyframe

I have a weird problem with Blender. My armature of my model is completely fine, works very well, and I can even pose my character into any position I like. The problem is that when I do set a first keyframe and then go on to move the object and accept a new transformation the object will snap back to the previous position. This will happen several times but eventually I can get the bone to stay in place but I need automatic keyframes on for it to register. (if I open the ‘insert keyframe’ menu it will snap back).

So you can move a hand freely, make a keyframe, move down the time line, move the hand, but when you left click to accept it will sometimes not accept the movement and even if it does you cannot make the new keyframe.

My skeleton is set to ‘pose position’ not ‘reset position’ I read somewhere that can be an issue similar to this but it was not the case. Outside of keyframes I can freely move my model with no snapping. Is it some sort of setting I may have turned on by accident? It feels like some sort of keyframe snapping gone wild.

EDIT: I already figured out the problem. Sorry.

In the armature object settings I had the duplication field on by accident. Turning that off allowed me to edit normally once more.