Difficulty "scaling down" mantaflow smoke

I’m having trouble scaling down my smoke simulation using 2.82’s mantaflow (I suspect I would have the same problem in the old system too).

I can successfully get something like this, where the aperture is roughly 1.8 units, and there’s a similarly sized smoke emitter.

But whenever I try to scale this down to smoke coming out of the nose of a lightsaber, I have a really hard time. Either the smoke shows up in a huge blob that seemingly ignores the collision effector on the lightsaber, or it doesn’t show up at all.

Does smoke simulation just not work at this scale? I’m trying to achieve a wispy, almost cigarette-smoke-like effect. While the first large scale example isn’t quite there, it’s pretty damned close compared to anything I’ve been able to achieve at smaller scale.

Is smoke simulation capable of generating something like that? I am mostly referring to the lower part of the image, before the noise gets too intense.

nightsaber_render.blend (1.8 MB)

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