Difficulty with FPS Tutorial

I’m following @kendrick1397’s Make an FPS game in Blender 2.6

I’ve gotten to setting up the aim.py section to make the bullets fire but it doesn’t seem to work.

Unsure if its me doing something wrong or or if there is a problem with the aim.py script.

Can someone please look at my blend file and advise?

Any help greatly appreciated

I posted on the tutorial thread but it didn’t appear, unsure if it was approved or not so apologies in advance if this a double post.


MyGame.blend (837 KB)

Have you turned on your system console and checked for Python errors? If you are on Windows then you can open the console window from the “Window” or “Help” menu (depending on Blender version). If you are on Linux/OSX then you need to open a command line and launch Blender from that to get the console output.

you dont even have aim.py in the blend file, and no bricks linked to aim.py, so to fix it you should: at the aim.py and the needed bricks
on your objects