Difficulty with Scaling in the X-Dimension - Answered

Greetings everyone, glad to be part of this wonderful forum in support of Blender.

I just got started two days ago so am quite the newbie :slight_smile:

I am working through a tutorial - The PDF Bledder Tutorial Guide, I am running Blender 2.40.

The project is creating a heart and I am stuck on Step 9 which reads:
Select all vertices (press A twice) and scale everything in the x- dimension. To do this, enter scaling mode, move your mouse horizontally and then press the MiddleButton. This will lock the scaling to only one dimension.

Basically this is the side view of the heart and it is to make it more slender.

I have tried this very carefully a couple of times in different ways and for some reason I cannot seem to adjust the heart so it is more narrow. I appreciate any help in this matter, and Happy New Year!

You can use S to scale and then press X to set the axis. The MMB method still works though.