Diffus Shader Model - Performance

Hey there…
Does anyone know which Diffuse Shader Model is the one with the best ingame performance?(Fresnel, Minnaert, Toon, Oren-Nayar, Lambert) Is there any difference? Would be good to know I think! :smiley:

And is there a way to use a shadeless Material and just multiply shadows on that material? When I set the material shadeless I loose the shadows too. I want it to be as efficient as possible but still use drop shadows if possible. So I think shadeless is the way to go.

Lambert if the fastest. Since its ‘Shadeless’ it means it has no shading,no light no shadows.

Maybe try using two materials, one set to Shadeless and the other set to Shadows Only? I’ve not tried it, but it could work.

Lambert is theoretically the fastest, though I have tried switching a whole scene to Lambert from CookTorr and did not see a difference in performance.

ok… thank you for your answers.
Does the intensity of a lamp change the performance too? Lets say I have one light. In one scene it has an energy of 1, in the other 25. Or the Cone of a shadowlamp, this the range effect the performance. Unfortunately I am not very experienced in such things :slight_smile:
Or is there a general rule of thumb?

None of what you mentioned will change something,you have a light no matter what color and intensity and a material that does calculations. You can have a lamp with 0.1 intensity,and another one with 12.0 ,speed is same.

For the shadow lamps things are different. If the shadow cone (frustrum) is larger,more objects will have to be duplicated in order to have shadows(this is how it works) ,a lower frustrum means less objects to be duplicated which increases framerate.