diffuse color conversion problem


I am trying to set my diffuse material color in Blender to a value I picked up from an image in Photoshop, which gives the color in RBG as 143 132 104. I converted this to values between zero and 1 for use Blender by dividing each RBG color by 255. I got 143 = 0.560, 132 = 0.518 and 104 = 0.418. But when I plugged these values into Blender’s diffuse color picker, I got a much lighter color than the numbers would seem to indicate. Specifically, when I took this color back to Photoshop, it came out to 197 191 173. (See attached diagram.) Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


I plugged the RGB values you used of 143 132 104 into photoshop, then copied the Hex number from the result [8F8468] and pasted it into the Hex window of Blender’s color picker. After doing so, I switched back to the RGB values and found Blender had set them as 0.275 0.231 0.138. Maybe your calculation was off somehow. I usually use Hex numbers to keep things easier when making color sets.

Why not use hex values?

Ninja’d! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you Craig Jones and Skywolfblue.

Thanks. The hex numbers worked perfectly. I was so tied up in knots about the RBG values I didn’t even see the hex button (my bad – :spin:). I still don’t understand why my math didn’t work though. Guess I better go back and take high school algebra again!