diffuse reflections

how to represent diffuse or blurry reflections in blender??


Being observer there are only a few materials that achive a perfect reflection because they require a perfect surface.

this perfect reflection is only achieved by mirrors, chrome, hi shiness coats and some liquids.

so, if we want to represent reality in our renders we need to achieve diffuse reflections according to the material were showing (think in alluminium, inox steel, satin materials, textured plastics, etc.)

in other side, when we use this kind of reflections very diffuse they tend to represent the specular component of the material.

This allows us to create in a very effective way, only a hdri image like source of light in our scene. applying this kind of diffuse reflection at our mats, we get specular with the exact intensity an color match of the image and we dont need to add more lights!!!

so we get easily the illumination of the scene, specular intensities, specular color and reflections in a very accurate way

now watch out, im not talking to move the specular and the hard parameters of the shader (it dont work because the reflection remain “sharpen”, Also there is no specular shinning in the scene cause we are lighting only from the hrdi), it requires to make the reflection blurry.

any ideas about achieving this in blender???
give it a try, thanks.

I use Environment Maps to acheive that. There’s a filter value that allows you to blur the reflection.

that would be handy in some scenes but it dont work in the reflection caused between the objects on scene, the reflection is still sharpen

It seems like you are still using raytraced reflections. The idea behind using the envmap is that it’s a completely fake. Blurring it is a good way to hint at the natural phenomenon enough so that it looks convincing, but isn’t 100% physically correct.

Also, think about creating those shiney highlights that you might be looking for by just creating a lamp that only casts specular reflections.

Anyway, there’s more than a few ways to do it. You’ll have to experiment and get it to look convincing enough.