diffuser test

About this rig omg!!! Is it was 3dmax? What a neighmare… In blender you can just create whole studio and then just import as a scene… And you don’t have any limitations…

That’s not bad. Is very good and has very good HDR panels that creates nice reflections. But yes, you can create that in Blender, but you have to do it yourself and you have to know how. That is ready for production. Not importatn though. We were discussing about softbox creation.

Hi lell, the creating images I can do but beyind that you lost me. I even looked up merging to hdr and I got something but it doesn’t look like a softbox. Also, what format would you save it in jpg? If so I don’t see the point of combining all the layers/pictures.

yeah kramon, completely pointless post

You can save bse images as jpg, that’s not so important. The important is that you save the result as HDR. To create the base images is not so easy though. It need tries. Probably is better starting from the normal exposure image, then overexpose and underexpose to create the other images.


Well I tried merging to HDR but a) it doesn’t look very good as I didn’t understand what to do with the dialog options halfway through the process and b) there’s no option to save as HDR (that I’ve seen) so I guess I’ll just make do with panel emitters for now :wink: