Digi - The Dragon

Hello there

Here is my last work a dragon and i named it Digi

i used Blender + Photoshop (for the UV)

Rendered with blender

And i hope u like it and tell me what do u think about it ?:eyebrowlift2:

and thanks


I think it’s pretty good! Did you use the “Toon-DragonRose” tutorial on YouTube?

That’s cute! It almost looks like someone took an S and turned it into a dragon – with the right composition you could probably use him as an initcap. Or maybe a J. Or maybe I’m wierd.

I only used the blueprints but not the hole tutorial

I think it’s like S :confused:

And thanks

bikoo , good , keep Working man :slight_smile:
PS :- i know this guy , he is from egypt , he is still young 11 or 10 , keep Blending .

Cute dragoon, I think I am more impressed with how well integrated the background is. The displacement under the dragoon and the wall behind him look great.

heheh, cute!

Egypt? I assume you’re Muslim?

Cute little thing, but to me it’s a little more like a normal biped lizard then a Dragon.

Where did you get that from???

Anyway, looks cool, see if you can open the mouth a little more (like bring it back more so its wider).

Hey Mr Diaa thx for your comment and don’t forget that u helped me too

I’m impressived more than you cuz’ i don’t know how it worked ( used Mist + Picture and somehow it looked gr8!)

Thx man , It’s Kinda funny

Yes i’m Muslim , u can sew it like a lizard and someone could see it like S.Everyone has his imagination!

I noticed that the mouth really needs to become bigger ,Here it’s

I hope that what you wanted and you like it :o

And thanks


Hey Mr Diaa thx for your comment and don’t forget that u helped me too

Diaa ???
i wonder if i would get an apology ? :o
LOL , it’s Dhia :cool:
PS :- my advice to you is to stick with this forum , you will learn a lot from it
Good Luck .

I’m sorry Dhia for that mistake

And I’m gonna work with your advice <But that doesn’t mean I’ll leave the other forum (he built me)

And thx