DigiBooks: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (WIP Thread)

Fresh, new, textures-packed beta.
DigiBooks: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (BETA build 2.3.1)

Up above I posted “a video or demo”. Never did I dream I’d be able to put out a full, complete-minus-menus-and-credits-fluff demo.

I REALLY WANT SOME QUALITY FEEDBACK! If you try the game, please tell me any bugs you find! There shouldn’t be many, but just in case…:smiley:

…And now I hope you enjoy:
DigiBooks: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (BETA build 2.2.0)

Here are the first screenshots! pages 1 and 2 shown. I will hopefully have a video or demo up by Monday.

This is a project I’m working on for the local annual technology competition that I have won the past two years and have no plans of breaking said record. This year I will be doing a virtual, fantastic, animated pop-up book based on the Aesop’s fable “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”. Here I will post all my updates, demos, videos, etc. for the project.
So I’ll begin with a little concept art. I’m pullin an all-nighter to try and get this crap painted, as I’ve missed almost two weeks because of technical issues:

(DSL>Dial-Up, DSL=More Viruses, Computer+DSL-Good Security Suite=:ba::()

This is actually the basis for ALL the textures in the book. So I put a nice fat watermark across the front…:evilgrin:. So enjoy laughing at my poor cartooning skills…more updates later…


isn’t this supposed to be an animation then? Or do you want it to be like…interactive?

Ohhhh yes. The book is very interactive. It’s going to “bring reading to life”. You can control the camera, toggle the narration on and off, etc.

update above /\

I do like the idea, and I’m very interested in seeing your “etc” for bringing a book into an interactive setting. I will be watching for further updates.

Well: animations, narration, subtitles, special FX (smoke, clouds, stars). Stuff like that.

how do you make the right things pop-up for each page?

It’s a script that [brain fart] wrote and then I modified it for multiple pages. It shows the object at a certain using Visibility.

I got every page modeled and textured and animated last night, so here are the fruits of my labor:


Here’s a little demo of the book opening and the first page turning over. It’s rough, but it gives you the general idea.


Hey guys! If you reply with bugs or whatever, please post your system settings as well

your “demo” only contains a zlib.dll file?!

oh, thanks oto…I dunno why…I’ll check that out right now…

oh! that’s an old one anyway. My compressor doesn’t do well with .gz files. Try the .zip at the top (the link says DigiBooks: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse - BETA Build 2.2.0)

This build should be less buggy and more complete. Check the help option on the main menu! This is the last BETA before I finalize for Friday’s competition!:smiley:

Te presento el…
DigiBooks: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse BETA Build 2.3.0

:eyebrowlift2:Is pretty sexy, no?:eyebrowlift:

I’ll take a look at it when I get home. It looks great.


Hi again
probably you’re in a hurry, so,here’s some quick impressions:
the “overall feeling” its quite good to me; the graphics are very nice and consistent trough
all the “book”!
What a pity that “animations” are so spare…you can add some with some little
extra work, ex.
when the mouse is “walking”, you can make the “city” move, if you map the “buildings” texture to a cylinder ( old animation technique)
I’m missing something, maybe, because in my version, the “text” textures don’t appear in
the first and last scenes?!
And in the second scene the “back button” its not needed I guess?!
Anyway, its a nice work!

well…thank you.
I may add more animations before I sell it (yes I said sell it…)
I could also use the tex mover script or whatever it’s called, and I may. Thanks!
I just forgot to pack the text textures, no big. You can read the credits in the final build.
The back button is needed in case you accidentally skip a page before you can read it(it’s made for children
Anyway, thanks for the review! I appreciate it!

That looks really cool! very unique, and looks like good graphics. Keep it up :smiley: