Digipen Uni (Redmond Washington)

Whatcha learned people think of it? I’m thinking of maybe going there, I could learn a lot but it’s so expensive… 25k a year.

I was thinking of applying…

But I’m not going to because I think that would limit me too much to simply game development…

i think it looks cool. it is a possiblility that i may apply (too early now, i’m only 15.).

I was going to apply to Digipen, but I ended up going to The Art Institute of Seattle. Seems like it’s cheaper. It’s also less game oriented. I’m going into the second quarter. So far so good!

Tyaedalis, where you live in Seattle?

I gave it serious consideration. very expensive, and very intensive work.

What makes you think it’s game oriented? You can get a bachelor’s degree in production animation.

[Edit] NM, I see what you mean.

Grr! I just checked out the undergrad admission requirements, and since I homeschool I’d have to take a GED.:mad: Like I’m a high-school dropout or something. It’s not like I can’t provide a transcript…

[Edit] Wow, forget Digipen, I just found Full Sail.:smiley: I’ll have to call them to find out about tuition costs, though.

[Edit] Just a friendly 56k warning for their website.

Anybody here ever heard of Full Sail? It looks like a perfect fit for me, and I called and found out the tuition cost for their Bachelors computer animation degree is currently $63,660.

I heard about it just about a year ago. I wasn’t too interested at the time, but now it’s seeming more and more attractive than what I’m doing now (graphic design :frowning: ). Too bad I’m not even in the same country!