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Hi there ! :slight_smile:

My new work (ounce in a time I work on it), and there’s an issue that i can’t solve): you see the artefacts in the corners of this room ?! Ugly isn’t it ?! So i searched in the lights configurations, i didn’t find anything. I asked this issue on the Blender Clan, i didn’t find any solution. So, i thought you can help me :slight_smile:

Here, a render without post production:

and a render with prost production in The Gimp:

I like the dark on the second but i think it’s too strong, i can retouch it but i also want to know why is there artefacts…


thanks for help and comment :smiley:

I think I can add more details or more many-sided things but I don’t konw what and where (stupid weilynn ! :D)
If you think that something can be great for this picture, you can tell it to me.


Sorry for my frenchy english…

Nice! Like the wireframe on the halfway through the vase/pot thing

Nice scene. Lighting looking good. I think the specular highlight on the wall could be turned down some more.
About the artefact you are seeing have you tried activiating alpha on your add node? And try using FSA (Full Sample Antialising). To activate FSA you first need to activate the Save Buffer button in the output panel in the scene (F10) settings. The Full Sample button will be shown and you can activate it to get FSA. Now your scene will be rendered and composited and only then will the antialising be applied so the artifact should dissapear or at least not be so dominante anymore.

No Musk, i did’t try this, but i will :slight_smile:
Btw, I didn’t try with OSA=16 and changing the Octree resolution.

I will try, I’m going to begin it again, because I don"t find the first .blend :mad:

Thank you (Musk & Mach1723) to help/comment.

BCNU. :smiley:

Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:

Here is the new version of my work:

  • colors retouched
  • sky added
  • BUT: there’s a real problem this the AA
    (- lights problem solved)

I think, if I don’t know how to solve it, i will work with the linux’s preview windows and Gimp.