Digital Artist: Multiple Hair Styles Needed (Blender)

We have a digital mugshot application that generates different head and face models — both male and female — from a myriad of different ancestries. [See sample, below…]

We wish to acquire a selection of different, high-quality hair styles (“wigs”) that can be adapted to fit an assortment of different heads. We would supply a single, basic scalp (mesh) and want one or more ‘.blend’ files with particle systems (and possibly materials / textures / shaders / etc.) that cover some “standard” hairstyles: e.g., Caucasian male with light brown hair, African-American female, blonde female with shoulder-length hair, etc. We would then merge our heads with those hair models to render the final results.

Initially, we expect to start with a small number of standard hairstyles — e.g., four to six — that can be applied to the heads in more or less of a “plug-and-play” fashion, but as the number (and variety) of heads we produce increases, we will most assuredly want to expand our palette of coiffures to provide additional variety between models, so the opportunity for future add-on work is available, as well.

Interested parties should contact us at [email protected] with the word HAIR in the subject line. Please include links to sample work and indicate how soon you would be available to work on such a project.

I’m up for it. I’ve got great experience modeling hairstyles (that’s my earlier contract, so I’ve got a lot of examples). Sending email.

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