Digital Camera WIP

Well huzzah they ignored it on the work in progress forum so I’ll post it over here in hopes that someone will actually tell me what it needs like I asked… so, to start off, why the heck would I model something like this? Because it has a ton of detail on it and stuff I didn’t know how to do, therefore forcing myself to learn it. there are a few errors in need of being fixed yet, but overall, there isnt much left to the actual modelling. I need to add some curves to deform the wrist strap… I need to fix the line around the camera… and the buttons on back. but that’s not hard. I guess I have to UV map all the button logos on, and finally the hardest part for me, creating realistic materials. Flash cover glass could use better materials. also, is there a way to do DOF in blender internal? It’d be useful for this. well, if you see anything wrong please tell me and I’ll try to do something about it.

BTW, I know it’s an ancient camera, 5MP. lol

you don’t do DOF on a thing this small. But, yes, you do DOF using the Defocus node.

Are all those cubic things on the back buttons? Or are some of them lights? They look uniform and dull. But maybe that’s how the real thing looks.

But this thing is looking great. We need more high caliber work on this forum. My only other recommendation is to put it in a nice compostion with high contrast lighting.

Keep it up!

Nice focus on details . . . man, I dont think I can find anything to critique. Maybe just play with the materials a little and play with the lighting, but that is about it. Oh, for materials see The materials may happen to be there.

BTW, I know it’s an ancient camera, 5MP. lol
Not to mention the small lcd. . . .

it lacks the metallic shin