Digital Clay

test of digital clay 100% blender!

really cool! I love the effect!


and this is the version of a classic stop motion that marked my childhood! also 100% blender

Very interesting! I would love to see a small “Making of” to see how you accomplished this… but very entertaining. Thank you!

Awesome! The ops bola, logo looks like goatse though. DO NOT GOOGLE GOATSE if you don’t know what it is.

Theadaemon! really looks like a mouth ass! kkk

OK first it was blender to mimic 2D shadow puppets, now claymation. Very cool stuff.

Thanks MarkJoe! there goes the"Making of"

Digital claymation or stop motion is nothing new though, we haven’t seen much of this coming out of Blender. So I like to appreciate for your effort and it came out really nice. My only crit is the twisting of the left hand of your Ops Bola at the end while clapping.

I don’t know, if you know about Micheal Parks. He is an amazing stop-motion artist and have worked for Pixar for almost a decade, he gives some insight about his approach and techniques in his blog, a must read.

PS: Also Aardman, very popular in this kind of art-form make use of traditional techniques (i.e. real clay and enormous set of facial shapes accessible through well managed and efficient library) than relying entirely on CG. There are some great example on their YouTube channel and some making of their recent feature: The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.

Coolness! Reminds me of Gumby! :smiley:
Love that show. Love my childhood!

Thanks Exzema! for the tip!

and Mc Thingy also makes me remember my childhood!


Very nice!!! Looks perfect! Thank’s for the tips!!!

The only thing it’s missing is random finger prints! Looks very cool.

It reminds me of Gumby also :slight_smile: good job man

Gumby is a great creation, but unfortunately was not displayed in Brazil.

Awesome! (I just knew the trick was baking and normal maps :smiley: )

I really liked it, congrats