Digital Clock Bomb [Need Critique]

Hi blender Heads.
Here is my W.I.P for today and i need some Critique before i can start the Texturing.

Any Critiqeu good or Bad welcomed.
Appreciate any Comments.

Update ;P.

looks good, a time bomb isn’t really a complex model so it will depend on your texturing and compositing if it will be good :wink: so good luck on that!

This is some sort of joke right texturing and compositing is my weak side.
But as always i give it a go :wink:

Before you laugh or get second thoughts of why you went into this thread.
Please give me feedback or tips on how to improve this model.
i uploaded the .Blend if any one is interrested or wants to give feedback.
Appreciate any Critique.

May I suggest a few things:
First electronics. It takes 2 wires to make a circuit, so 2 wires to each stick. You have great wires though. You really only need one stick wired but that’s probably too much detail.
Second the display, 0.01 seconds would be an amusing amount of accuracy, just a thought, units are arbitrary.
Last its too perfect, perhaps you could skew the numeric display a bit, overlap a couple of wraps of tape, make the sticks not line up perfectly and scuff it up a bit.
Last if you have time, adding some dof blur may be nice

Last its too perfect

Imperfection is digital perfection, someone once said.
Loz on the .01 sec accuracy. :slight_smile:
And yeah change the background and whatnot
Texturing…yeah i feel you mate…that said… is that a procedural texture!? get rid of it, UV unwrap the cylinder ad put an image texture on that dynamite stick!!!
Here is a quick google search for references:

@DDD That last image made thing more clear.
@Walshlg : i agree with your entire Comment.
Thanks for the comments i’m going to put them into action :p.