Digital human character

I’m working on a character…I feel like the characters face is not very likable…(criticisms are very welcome)

my artstation


A character’s expression, pose, posture gives likeability or other impressions. This character could play many different types of roles in films or images. Hero, villain, friend, enemy, various ages, various emotions. Very versatile.

If you intended to tell a story or not with your render, the expression, pose, and setting tell one to me. Her family is wealthy. She is watching her former fiance walk away after dumping her. He said he doesn’t love her and was only marrying her for her money but now has grown to respect her enough that he can’t do that. So there she is stunned, confused, alone in vast open field watching the life she knew walk away.

Is that a cycles render with particle hair? If so, how did you get the hair to look smooth? I get a coarse look as if the hairs were strings of tiny beads in close views.

Unimportant details:

  • Thousand yard stare. The eyes should not focus on infinity.
  • Lips need detail.
  • Black areas on scalp is visible in the part in her hair.
  • Perfect skin. If she isn’t wearing makeup then a flaw or two would increase realism.
  • The neck of the sweater needs a hem or cuff. What is that called? It looks like the cloth was cut with no sewing to keep the edge from unraveling.

The pose is weird i agree, but i wasn’t expecting a full story line for my character…thanks for that…I’ll work on the pose and small details…I used cycles for rendering… If you show me a hair render i can critique it

Thanks! I looked at your Artstation … awesome! A post about the coarseness problem is here:
The posts documents my beginner efforts learning about particle hair.

I like all of it except the hair ends. The form seems a little off. Here’s the closest real-life comparison I could find. Maybe it’s the style of cut? Closest to the neck are the longest strands and then they get shorter along the shoulders.

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Not a bad start… already been said enough about pose etc…

I’m suggesting two things:

  1. a simple smile
  2. have the character “look” into the camera. Right now she looks away which makes this even more distant and sad.

very nice job.

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Sculpt of the face is very well done.
I would suggest to work on the neck some more. First picture shows it having some serious anatomy issues.
Also skin looks too simple, try adding some color variation and freckles, moles. The easiest thing would be if actual skin painted on character, but since it looks you painted skin yourself you have some work to do for it to look believable.
Add specular map if not already and some subsurface scattering. I see you already added some sss, but might need more.

I agree with whoever posted about your artstation work. totally lifelike. Amazing actually.

I’d try a couple different expressions.

  • Mouth slightly open more, in a resigned final moment as sorrow sinking in.


  • mouth tighter Lips pursed compressed - eyes tighter, creases at corners, but lower lid partly covering lower cornea.
  • jaw muscles more pronounced
  • nostrils lifted and flared.

Thats it