Digital influence simulator

Yes or No ?

Go see the motion on my instagram :

Blender 2.81 - Eevee Render

3D Art/Motion 100% autoral ( concepts, models, textures, renders)


Very nice concept, execution, and rendering! Reminds me of what happened at a Banksy auction some time ago.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


That is just eeVee? Impressed !


I have to confess that I wasn´t pretending it, but ater reading, it really makes me remind it too! Thank you my friend!

Thank you so much again @bartv !

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Yes, only eevee mate, thanks!

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you can see with the to clear highlights that it is artificial

but man that translucent plastic look and mot important that really well set-up lighting !!!

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"Wow! The world’s first CG rendering of a politician!" :smiley:

(Except that in their case the thing that would be coming out the bottom would be a perfectly-intact $100,000 bill …)

“Seriously, I think this works.” The thing is plastic and I think it looks plastic. Details like a mirrored surface in the bottom of the box are a nice touch.

A bit overexposed, and I think it would look better with an off-white or lightly colored background, and with shadows to define a direction-of-light as well as a ground plane. But, if someone told me that they’d taken a picture of a plastic toy on a photographer’s table-stage, yes, I could believe them. Well done.

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Really interesting subject. :+1:

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Love the SSS on the white plastic!

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Thank you mate :grinning:

love it :star_struck: great idea!

This is a great render!! I am impressed and amazed that Eevee can do this.

Could you please share your material and scene settings or the resource you used? I am really curious about your white plastic material it looks outstanding.

Thanks for sharing and posting your image.

I too would be curious about how you set yup the translucent material in eevee.