Digital Life - Animation

Hi everyone!

After a month I finished an animation for a brazillian contest ( )
. The goal is to make something in Blender related to Blender Pro, a Blender Meeting here in Brazil.

Because of the deadline I couldn´t made a decent sound edition. I have plans to come back to the project later and improve some aspects, but for now this is finished.

The YouTube link:

A couple of frames:

Looks very good. You are right about the sound though, the quality of it isn’t very good but maybe that is more related to your codec and compression method.

Another improvement would be to make his poses more interesting by adding some action moves. For instance this whole morph could hapen while it is sliding, crawling, walking and so on. As if it was morphing through the history of evolution theory.


I like it great work. You should post a hires video somewhere the compression on youtube really screws it up. Not sure if it is the compression but I think you could improve it if you work a little on the lightning and make it more dramatic.
I don’t think it is nessecary for the figure to move while assembling but it would be cool.

Wow. Great work. Seems decently complex and nifty.
Sound design is always important too. The audio is
generally 50% of what makes motion picture good.

Thank you all!

tef: It´s a good idea animate it more (specially the Darwin part). I spent so many time animating the assembling that I neglected the animation and camera a bit. But the robot has no legs or hips - I made just the torso.

musk:I´ll post an avi somewhere. I tried to make a lab light, flat and clear. But I must agree - the light could be much more dramatic.

Ghost_Train: I´m trying to find some time to create better sound fx and music.

Very nice. Really cool concept.

Thanks Banz111.

I really, really liked it. Excellent job!

Thanks djotaku.
I´m providing a download link to a better version: