Digital Sketch =)

(sten) #1

hey, this is for basse 8) !!

here’s my first digital sketch…to try it all out =)

hope you like it, it was made in Painter 7 trial :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #2


(LohnS) #3

wow nice, once again great use of color as is all your stuff. Kee pit up! =D

(sten) #4

thanks friend 8)

heh :slight_smile: thanks again…nice of you that you like my choose colors and etc.

(@ce) #5

scaaary :wink:

very nicelly done…Pianting with a mouse is never easy…

you know who he reminds me off?? whisper

(sten) #6

heh :-? hmm, I painted him with my wacom tablet !!!

who ? :wink:

(ryan) #7

:smiley: excellent! It has life to it.

(ryan) #8

:smiley: excellent! It has life to it.

(olaf) #9

Cool Colors!!!

the sketch reminds me of Van Gogh.

(paradox) #10

Cool Stonzy, eyes maybe a little big. But nice colors and sketch. It reminds me of van gough too but didn’t want to say that because seems like everything lately has been reminding me of Van Gough, but since olaf already said that – :slight_smile:

(basse) #11

van gogh it is… ! a very good one too.

this kind of digital painting I do like…

only crit would be that you seemed to use smoothing, that dont quite fit in…
you can see it on top of his hair… and eyes…


(sten) #12

thanks basse,

too bad not many other users here appricitate this kind of art sigh :frowning:

(S68) #13


Very nice… /me too finds it somewhat VanGogghish :slight_smile:

Now… let’s see… is that a self portrait?


(sten) #14

thanks ! I am happy that some of you appriciate this digital sketch,
still learning and trying to find my way into it…

nope !! I wished I could stand beard, but it itches to much !!

Besides, I wear glasses ! Diesel ones, looking like Clark Kent model :smiley:

(BgDM) #15

Very nice. Definitely reminds me of Van Gogh (<sp?) Did you add the paper texture after doing the sketch in Painter? It seems a little too much IMO, but still nicely done.

Any way, I would like to see more of this stuff here. Maybe Kib cold give us a 2D forum here? Might get some people more interested in doing 2D work, and possibly, get people back into 2D work, (/me looks at himself).


(sten) #16

yes, actually I thought it was to much the first I made so I lowered it, it is hard to know where to end…

btw, thanks :slight_smile:

yes, would be fun =)

(olaf) #17

by the way, wishes for a new forums?

Heres’s my idea: what about a MAKING OF… forum ? you know where people who did some nice finished arts post their making of story (how is the lighting setup done, texturing,modeling some blendertricks and other goodies). This could be very usefull for the newbies here in the forum.

See ya, Olaf.

(S68) #18

Nice idea, but that’s what tutorial are for… and the Community Journal too… :smiley:


(sten) #19

hehe, maybe this sketch will end up in next CJ :wink: ? ROFL !!

(ScottishPig) #20

Amazing. Like a young(er) Jean Valjean or something. Very cool. It’s got a lot of expression to it.