Digital World

A speedy for a small contest I made within the last 2 days. All Blender with just a tiny little bit of postwork in PS:

Latest version:

I wish i had an ice cream pen.

the knuckles look kinda strange…like bulged or something.

I like it!

It’s very interesting. It can almost be interpreted either way. Like it can be flowing from the pen or to the pen.

I would like to see some color, though. I would keep the same spec values just make the continents green and oceans blue. And then then “runny” parts above and below the earth can be a cool mixture of blue and green streaks. Just an idea.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to crit too much. I’m used to being in the WIP section.

This is really awesome! I love the texture you’ve got of that ‘clay’ stuff. This has a really great feel to it, and although some more colour could look nice, I like it fine as is.

Great work! Keep it up.

Guitar87, actually the lack of color actually works for this piece, I wouldn’t think it’d be quite as good if it had color (except if it was very faint)

I didn’t say this was bad without color. I just figured that if the piece represented art becoming more and more digital (hence the title “digital world”), some color would be present. When I think of digital art, modeling, graphics, animation, etc., color always comes to mind.

BUT, like I said, the piece doesn’t look bad, just a little bland.

I really like the glow around the world, is that PS or nodes?

Why doesn’t this have more comments? It looks fantastic.

Yeah,a greed. Very nice use of desaturated tones, great clay material.

5 stars

The background is beautiful also,is that blender procedural textures?
5 stars from me.

I wish I had one of those. Nice work! The hand model looks excellent.

Thanks for the C&C!

The color… I was thinking about that for some time and even made a few tests but finally I decided not to bring more color into the final image because I simply didn’t have enough time and it already delivered the message exacly how I wanted it to. The colortests I made didn’t match up the quality of what already was there so it actually made the image worse, but I might come back to it one day.
I started this on Sunday evening and had to be finished Monday night so the timeframe was pretty small and that obviously gave me some limitations. :confused:

Anyways, here’s some more stuff for you so you can follow the way of construction a bit:

Wires (partly with lightsetup):
wire 1
wire 2
wire 3

The raw image as it came out of Blender:

And finally the material- and nodesetup:

Fell free to use it but I won’t mind to get mentioned.


Fantastic concept here. Love the lack of colour as well.



Very nice work!


I like this piece ! great job indeed…

I really like this piece! The detail is great and I like the colors as well.

Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:

Great work.

The only thing that bothers me is that the hand doesn’t look like it’s holding the pen, the pen just floats there

Great Model and shading. The idea is all about fun :slight_smile:
5 stars.

Moved to the gallery.