digitally real

i was fidelling around with yafray and blender and came up with some cool looking thing


Yes, it’s very cool looking, but we are not impressed. I don’t wish to slam your work, but please come back when you have something that took longer to model than it did to render. Again, no offense intended, but someone has to say it.

on the conterary i do have many better works. i was messing around with yafray and came up with something i thought was interesting.

btw render time was ~30s. it took me a bit longer to model it :wink:

settle down rocket man if he decided to model something and not texture it would you have a go at him thiers nothing wrong with this post

i think that its very good

mmmhmmmm, I’m kind of in between here, I’m not sure whether to back up Aidan or RocketMan

I agree with Rocketman that it isn’t very good, but I agree with Aidan that there’s nothing wrong with the post

give it a rest guys. this render is great! it looks like a futuristic yo-yo.

With some different textures it could be the Sylandro Probe from Star Control II. 8)

Well, eveyrone has had a slam on these “Alien Eggs - Sunny Side UP”. I guess it is time to move on.

It is an interesting image, but perhaps the TOPIC should have been “Yafray Project” or “Yaf Test” “Yaffing up an egg”, “Geen Eggs and Ham” or something, instead of digitally real. Most people came to this topic to see something very realistic.

I like the shading, lighting and even the texture, but the mesh is way too simplistic. I see polys, or ‘edges’ that look like they should be smoothed.

“digitally real” is a perfect subject for the weekend challenge. I hope somebody uses that.

Apart from the harassment and backing up.

The image look to me like them future surfboards.

It nice to see more yafray work :slight_smile:

Oh yeah put some of your nicer work up so we can comment on them rather than geting the ‘dishing’ with this pic