Digits and decimals in blender for importing point cloud

So, I want to import a point cloud to blender, but I have realy long numbers in my .xyz files. Like 15 digits numbers. I have read something on the internet that blender has maximum of 6 digits but it was quit old so I’m asking if it got any better or for some workarounf. When I import it (both 1.79 and 1.80), I get “a tower” of vertices, because z isn’t 15 digits, x and y are. They aren’t at the same place, when I scale them they show in some kinde of “slices”, probably artefact of some rounding blender does. And Meshlab can’t even load it.


Blender uses single-precision floating point numbers, so you only get between 7 and 8 decimal digits of precision. If you have significance outside that range that you need, then you’re going to have to scale things into a reasonable range before you import I think.

Do you know what units your source data in, and what the total bounds of the cloud are in the data’s units?