Digivice WIP

Hey, I’m currently working on a model of the digivice from the Digimon Adventure 01, but more precisely the one shown in the final episode of Digimon Tri, the only thing left is to create proper materials and textures for it… Which seems easier said then done at the moment, since I have tried a few types of materials and haven’t found any that look actually good. Any feedback and opinions in general and especially about the materials are more than welcome.

This is what I have right now:

These are from the series:


Updated the materials a bit more. Still unsure about it however.

Project updated, I decided to make a little scenario for presentation, still not finished, the scenario also needs a bit lot more of work, maybe even being textured like the digivice. But here’s the progress so far


Did some texturing on the books and the table, also made two different nodes, one for the lit and one for an unlit version. Also tweaked the lighting but might have just made it worse. Will fix it later.

Been quiet for a while I know. All this quarantine thing kept me busy with other things at first, meanwhile I did do some more work. Nothing much if I am honest but here it is. I’m hoping to finish it soon…

Another update. Moved on to compositing. Tried to do some flares and blooms… Still feels very unfinished but I’m running out of ideas on how to do develop it further…

Finished it, check it out. :slight_smile: