Digiwulf - Sketchbook

Hallo there, I just started using Blender. I came here so I can try to improve to the point that I can project my raw imagination unto Blender. Right now, I dunno.
Modelling is quite an interesting thing.

One of the first models I made. I was watching tutor4u’s tutorials (4 of them) to see how things work in blender.

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After doing those tutorials, I made some tests with the render settings and saw a wine tutorial by tutor4u (t4u), “Why not do that by my own?”
Then I saw that a glass itself is boring to look at. I added some texture from t4u’s ring tutorial to add texture to the cubes. I didn’t really understand nodes at the moment, I just memorized the pattern and the different nodes to use for that specific effect. Add Blender Guru’s vid about making fire effects, composition, and my personal photography experience, and…

tada? It looks weird when turned into a wallpaper… >_>

The floor feels irregularly smooth…? Watched another Guru video about textures and adding bump maps and stuff. Kinda hard to follow, but I did it.

maybe it looks nicer if I used stone textures? Dunno, but not gonna waste hours rendering another one, no ;_;
credits to tamarar (on DA) for the wood texture.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one watching Tutor4u’s tutorials. Hollar to you! I’m new to Blender as well.

Here are my pieces that I learned so far in 2.79b version: