Dik-dik model

I’ve made this model of a dik-dik, and I’d like some advice on the fur and materials. I’ll probably be adding a forest scene later, but I’ll probably post a new thread for that.

In my opinion the contrast between the brown fur and the white fur is too high.
Also, you need a roughness and spec map on the horns and feet.
Great model though!

Thanks, I’ll add some texture to the hooves and horns.
I will be improving the texture paint today, and maybe adding some ear fur.
Here are some references I’m using.


It looks like the legs are a bit too bulky, and not long enough. The color pattern on the head still needs work, and will make or break the likeness. The horns should have a slight backward curve, and the ears should be a bit pointier.

When you add the background, try to put something in that will show the scale of this little critter. I don’t think many people know that a dik-dik is only knee high.

Great start.

Thank you for the advice. Here’s the improved sculpt and texture


Hi GPS14

Some things to look at

The proportions of the model are not correct according to your reference image.

The head and ears are too big, the legs are too thick as well as the trunk which is also not long enough.

You have made a good start here and paying attention now and tweaking this will result in a nice model.


Another update. The fur is not working, even after deleting and redoing it. The child hairs are too rough. I’ve checked all the child settings, but I can’t find the problem. I might have to export the model and start over on a new project if I don’t find another fix.

The fur is too “plushy” in my opinion. The hairs need to be longer and clumped at the bottom of the neck and at the belly, with relatively high roughness (roughly like it looks now, just a little longer with more clump). At the legs and face, they should be smooth and not clumped, with low roughness. The back hairs are usually short, slightly clumped (Smaller clumps, try using virtual parents) with low roughness as well. Consider using multiple particle systems for the different hair types. Also, you should make the tips of the hairs white (everywhere) instead of using this “noise texture” on the back, because I think that’s what the fur actually looks like.

The back is too straight, dikdiks actually have a slightly to moderately convex back. The shoulders are usually barely visible because they’re narrow and slanted.
If you’re aiming for a more cartoony look, the rest of the proportions are fine. Otherwise, the legs are still not thin enough and the head is too big and heavy, especially for a thin dikdik neck.

Also, the eye lacks highlights. What does your material look like?

And finally, here’s another (huge) reference.

I hope this was helpful!