I changed the colors a bit in post and I think this is a big step up. Still too green to look human but there’s more more contrast. I also made the eye a little more glassy and fixed the lashes


Old render:


Here’s my WC entry. The theme is “Overdose”. Let me know what you think

Lots of great entries this week, check them out: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1068192#post1068192

The skin looks great, but the eyes looks lifeless. This close up I would expect to see more “wetness” on the eye and even see the bumps caused by the blood vessels. All in all for a WC, it is great.

PS how much Meth do you have to smoke to get that skin tone?LOL

Good thing I have a z-day plan…

It wasn’t actually supposed to be a zombie but that’s funny… I just finished reading World War Z.

A natural skin tone made the eye look healthy even with the dilated pupils and redness so I added a lot of blue and green lights to the material. I wanted to convey more sickness than I could with just the eye itself.

Same with the lifelessness of the eye – shiny skin looks like a feverish sweat but I was going for a cloudy look in the eye

I think it would look better if you turn up the specularity of the eye–adding a more glazed, glassy feel. Maybe if you made the skin more pale, it would look unhealthy, but not alien. The guy doesn’t quite look human.

When you put it that way I see what you guys are saying about the eyeball. I’ll make it more glassy next time I open the file up.

I didn’t really want it to look human(e.) The theme (overdose) is disgusting so I wanted to express that disgust in spite of the simple subject. I was much more interested in mood than realism. Eyes are too vibrant – pale skin isn’t enough to overcome that in a shot this close.

eyelashes should be longer, thicker.

Good point papasmurf. I was working in lower resolution before – when I increased it I guess I forgot to adjust the strand shader. It’s fixed in the new render up top.