Dildocorn, WARNING - crudeness

I am making an short animation that takes place in an Xmas scene. It is a little crude, I apologise. I have most of it modeled but am having trouble with the christmas tree. I want to animate it’s little lights to flash but I’m out of ideas that don’t involve an enormous amount of keying the lights. Any thoughts?


This is only my second animation, and to tell the truth I’m a bit scared about facial animation. The only facial animation I’ve done before was a jaw opening and eye movement. Anyway, I’ve done all the rigging I’m going to do for Floyd. Here is a few pics showing some random expressions. No lip syncing, just a shape key that makes a plane deform. Sort of like on south park.


No-one has any ideas for the fairy lights?

There is a way to make the lights blink on and off using cyclic IPO curves. In the IPO window -> curve -> extend mode -> cyclic. Make a group of lights and animate them one time flashing on, off, then on again. select all of the ipos of the transition using a then activate the cyclic curve as listed above. Duplicate the lights and offset the timing to make different lights appear to be blinking differently.

Thanks bbelt, I shall try that this evening. In the meantime, here is some pics of the set. I say set because there isn’t much more of it than you can see. The tree will be behind the presents. Also, The blinds open and close by use of an armature and a shape key.


I think that the “horn” should be set at a lower angle and with a slight upward curve so as to follow the line of the neck and body. [hmmm… there doesn’t seem to be a Smilie for a forced straight face].

I agree, there needs to be a broader range of smilies, though I rarely use them myself. Anyway, here is the last character for the short. Her name is Karina and she is a trashy drug taking whore. She is also Floyds mother. Again, no ‘lip syncing’ as such. The top lip can be formed into a variety of shapes, but the top of the head just bobs up and down to simulate speech, again like the canadians in south park.


Wow. good… story man. that’s really somethin :smiley:

Floyd looks expressive. I can see he didn’t get that from his mother. I’m sure she has had children with a variety of men though, so maybe the man was expressive? An expressive man who… Ya know what, screw it. Nice start.

Are you guna put a more detailed sky box in besides that plain blue one? That might help.

Hahaha, yeah. I’m sure that Floyd isn’t one in a million. As for the ‘Sky Box’ that is just a blue UVSphere for the moment. I wanted to get the characters out of the way before spending too much time on the sets.

I agree bergen, The ‘horn’ should be at more of an angle. I’ll fix that now before I fix the christmas tree.

Ok, it’s finished now. I should really learn how to use the cloth tool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IkR7snmaHs