Dilemma in Blender 2.61(Need Help)

The blender 2.61 I installed in my Notebookl(asus) is running smoothly, I have this new notebook bought last Sunday - March 18,2012 a Samsung Notebook, with the specs -> 160 ghz, Memory 2gb. When I installed the Blender 2.61 and run it, the menus are not displaying properly. I tried to uninstalled and re- installed the Blender but the result is still same. When I started to test and add a mesh, after 3 minutes there is a message -> “Blender has stopped working”.

As you think your notebook has 160 GHz I get you have no idea about hardware.
Most likely you had an nvidia card in the ASUS and now got an AMD or Intel IGP, which can cause problems. However besides your lack of information what hardware or OS you use and that you could use 2.62 in case a bug in 2.61 is causing your problems this is the wrong forum section for technical support.

Without more information it’s doubtful anyone will beat any good advice out of his crystal ball.

Sounds like crappy integrated intel graphics.
More information is needed, like:
What graphics chip is this?
What operating system are you using?
Why are you not using Blender 2.62?

If the gui shows up well enough so you can go into preferences, go into “preferences->settings->opengl->window draw mode” and try out all the different methods.

You should try blender 2.62 and if the problem persists, file a bug report

Besides, you can’t argue with the code itself:

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Thank you for that tiny information, I am using windows 7 starter kit in both of my notebook, I even downloaded blender 2.62 and the problem is akin to 2.61. I am pretty sure the 160 ghz is a substantial specs to run Blender, any way thanks again.

There is nothing in a computer that runs with 160 GHz.

wrong typo it is 1.60 ghz

Sorry for bad english.

Same problem, have new dell laptop (W7 pro, i3 m380) at work and yes its crappy integrated intel HD graphics. The menu i can see only then mouse is over (not only menu problem). I know that integrated intel not friend for opengl. No one of “window draw method” working properly.