Dilemma with realistic glass object

How can one do “realistic looking” glass object in Blender? I mean bottle or drinking glass for example.

Making the material isn’t hard. It’s just the object. Here’s example pics I made in five minutes.

Double-wall glass (bottle): http://kuvax.net/i/?4348pullo_fin.jpg (600 x 600)
One-wall glass (bottle): http://kuvax.net/i/?8785pullo2_fin.jpg (600 x 600)
Double-wall glass (glass): http://kuvax.net/i/?4837lasi_fin.jpg (1200 x 600)

Glass is thick. That’s a fact. That’s why I tried to simulate thickness at the first place. Thickness consists of the inner and outher surface of the glass. But it also causes double-wall effect (I don’t know what I should call the effect so it’s “double-wall” now). If you look closely the first raytraced bottle you can see both walls. Looks too hollow to me.

I don’t like that. It looks like there’s two very thin glass walls instead of just one thick solid wall.

You might ask why should there be double-wall glass in an emply and “closed” bottle. That’s why I made one-wall glass. It seems bretty OK to me but not too realistic. Besides. It works on this bottle I made, but you just can’t make realistic looking drinking/wine glass with just one wall. If you think I’m wrong, tell me how you’d do it.

The Glas looks OK to me, but the lightning sucks ;-).

Seriously, it may be that the reflexions are to much. I mean, that’s just the way it is, glas has two surfaces and both reflect.

I don’t know what your setting are but you should model both sides of the glass. If you loose the transparency (the double wall effect) you have to increase the “depth” value located just under the “ray transp” button. I assume you are using the internal renderer with ray transparency.


blend file:



Looked to me it was Yafray. I’d suggest two walls and increase ray debth and through the render settings. You need set higer debths for any glass-like material in yafray (I use 20+ for bottles and glass.)

I think that glass is also (mirror) reflective

It is. He should probably use the meterial preset for Clear glass.

its rendered wit internal renderer

It’s rendered with YafRay :smiley:

Yes there is too much mirror but the point of the problem wasn’t the material but the model. Maybe it’s the depth…

hey Dreamlord,

I think the point is material - try to set higher raydepth (>20), use photonlights. It is also good to use subsurface scattering, to close some light in rendered object. I played a bit with Yafray settings after your first post and achieved nice effects…

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