Dilophosaurus WIP

This is a project I just started today. Im going to model and pose its mesh in Blender and sculpt it in Zbrush(sorry! :o). I don’t have a clue how to do the feet and hands. I’ve tried in the past and I haven’t come up with a reliable technique. help?


Why sculpt in Zbrush?

Because I like it. The only reason Im making the model is so that I can use it in zbrush.

Have you used Blender’s sculpting mode at all? It’s pretty damn cool.

I prefer ZBrush as well. Blender’s sculpting mode isn’t so good.

Before you go into ZBrush

Your model is unbalanced from the pose, it looks like it will fall down.

Did you try drawing over the skeleton of the dinosaur?

Did you draw it out before modeling it?

Draw out the feet and hands before modeling them, to learn them.